Easily transfer files between devices.

I always enjoyed the ease-of-use of Apple™'s AirDrop®, however, most of the time, I am not transferring files between Apple devices.

That was my motivation to create blymp.
blymp is a simple website that you can use to directly transfer files between devices using a simple 4-digit code.

Tech stack:
ReactJS, WebSockets, WebRTC, JavaScript File API

Fast transfer speeds

blymp tries to use the fastest transfer speeds possible.
In order to do this, blymp tries to establish a Peer-to-Peer connection using WebRTC with which files can be transferred without the need of a server.
If that is however not possible, blymp will use WebSockets to transfer the file using the blymp server.

Transfer using packages

When transferring files using other upload services, you'll first need to upload your complete file before you can download it on the other device.
blymp instead breaks the file into small packages and directly transfers them to the recepient - resulting in higher transfer speeds.

What I've learned

blymp is my first project, in which I used a Peer-to-Peer connection to connect devices and in which I used the JavaScript FileReader API to slowly read files in chunks.
It was very interesting to develop this webapp in a way that doesn't rely on a central server when transferring files using WebRTC but instead directly establishing a protocol between individual users.

Apple and AirDrop are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. blymp is not associated with Apple or Apple's AirDrop service.