Skip the boring parts of videos.

During this pandemic, I have to watch hours of video lectures that my professors recorded. While some of these lectures can have a very good pace, a lot of these videos are also very slow and the lecturers can take very long to write something down.

Due to these hours of watching slow lectures, I remembered YouTube video from CaryKH, in which he created a software to speed up silent parts of lectures using a python script.

While this script worked great, I didn't want to need to download all lectures before I can run them through the script - getting rid of any of the saved time.

This is why I started to develop a WebExtension that does the same thing

Tech stack:
ReactJS, TypeScript, JavaScript Media API, WebExtension

How does it work?

"Skip Silence" attaches a Media Volume listener to the current <video> or <audio> element.
It then uses this information to dynamically speed up or slow down the media, based on the settings set in the popup.

What I've learned

Due this extension, I learned about the JavaScript Media APIs and what it possible with the Media Nodes available.
This is also my first project, in which I used the benefits of TypeScript. I already used it before on smaller parts of other project, but this is the first project that uses TypeScript thoughout its components.