A minimal database for host-it-yourself projects.

vowserDB is a database designed to be used in smaller host-it-yourself projects.

It requires minimal setup and doesn't need a background service - eliminating the need to host a separate database server, e.g. MySQL.

Tables created with vowserDB are compatible with other database software as they are stored in CSV or JSON files.

Tech stack:
PHP, composer

Simple setup

No need to setup you database seperately: To use a table, simply create a new vowserDB\Table instance with the name and columns of your table. If the table already exists, vowserDB will use it, otherwise create it.
vowserDB: Code of table creation
vowserDB: Code of selecting and updating data in a table

Intuitive commands

Inspired by Laravel Eloquent and SQL, vowserDB is intuitive to use for anyone who has worked with SQL databases before.


vowserDB has support for third-party extensions, allowing anyone to extend vowserDB or change its behaviour.
It also ships with useful extensions for encrypting tables, creating relationships and saving sessions.
vowserDB: Code for usage of extensions